Board of Management

M. Tonny Harjono


Born in Jakarta on October 4, 1971. Domicile in Jakarta, Indonesia. Appointed as PT Pelita Air Service Commissioner based on Decree of Circular GMS concerning Appointment and Transfer of Duties of The Board of Commissioners dated May 5, 20221.

Tonny Harjono finished his Sekolah Komando Kesatuan Angkatan Udara (SEKKAU) on 2002 and finished his Sekolah Staff dan Komando Angkatan Udara (SESKOAU) on 2008. Tonny was awarded 8 honors including Satyalancana Wira Nusa dan Satyalancana Wira Siaga. M. Tonny Harjono’s career, among others are Pamen Setmilpres Kemsetneg RI on 2014, Danlanud SMO on 2016, Danlanud HLM on 2018, Staf Khusus Kasau on 2020 until now.