Airport Check-in

Airport Check-in service can be proceeded at each airport check-in counter. This service is available, starting 2 (two) hours before the Scheduled Time Departure, and closing 30 (thirty) minutes before the Scheduled Time Departure. Make sure you bring your identity card according to the information on the Passenger ticket and report at the check-in counter on time.

Checked Baggage

Checked baggage is a Passenger's goods handed over by the Passenger to the carrier to be transported by the same aircraft as the Passenger. Checked baggage comprises articles which are weighed and carried in the baggage or cargo compartment of the aircraft. Pelita Air provides a free allowance of 20 (twenty) kilograms of Checked Baggage per Passenger.The weight of each baggage is not allowed to exceed 32 kg, baggage weighs over than 32 kg must be split and repackaged into several pieces of baggage with limitation per pieces is 32 kg. Passengers are strongly advised not to store any kind of valuables in checked baggage. Please store valuables in cabin baggage according to the specified weight and size. Pelita Air Service is not responsible for the loss or damage of valuables placed in checked baggage.

Cabin Baggage

Cabin Baggage is goods carried by the Passenger and under the control of the Passenger. Each passenger is only allowed to bring one (one) main cabin baggage. The main cabin baggage weight is a maximum of 7 (seven) kilograms and a maximum dimension of 56x36x23 centimeters for the A320 aircraft fleet.

In addition to the main cabin baggage, each passenger is allowed to bring one free carry-on item. The free items allowed on Pelita Air Service flights include:

 • Handbag (laptop) or handbag (purse or pocketbook)

 • Overcoat or blanket

 • Umbrella or walking stick

 • Pocket camera or binoculars

 • Fair amount of reading material

 • Cabin size baby stroller

 • Cabin-sized or collapsible wheelchairs, or walking crutches used by passengers,

Excess Baggage Rate

The excess baggage rate for Pelita Air Service flights are:



 • The excess baggage rates above are for point-to-point flights

 • The price above is the price of extra baggage per kilogram and includes 11% tax

Passenger with Special Needs

Passenger with special needs who require special assistance are strongly advised to be able to convey their needs at the time of making a reservation or through our contact center (wheelchair assistance service or others).

Expectant Mother Passenger

Expectant mothers are strongly advised to consult a doctor to get a medical recommendation letter or a certificate of airworthiness. The validity of the doctor’s medical certificate is no more than 7 (seven) days since its issue date


 • The expectant mother required to sign a Form of Indemnity issued by Pelita Air Service at the Check-in counter. If the passenger unable to sign the statement, the passenger can appoint his/her designated family to sign the statement.

 • Expectant mother with gestational age above 36 weeks, are not accepted for air travel.

Special Handling Baggage

Special Handling Baggage is a baggage category that is treated with special regulations such as sports equipment, camera bags (media bags), and musical instruments. All special baggage (including sports equipment) can be included in the applicable Pelita Air free baggage allowance quota according to the flight class fare paid by the passenger. If the baggage weight exceeds the free baggage allowance, the excess baggage rate will apply.

Special Baggage
Acceptable Size / Weight
Handling Guide
1 Bicycle

Must not weigh more than 32kg per bag


Dim the bicycle box: 177 x 23 x 102 cm (l x w x h)

One bicycle is accepted as one sports equipment in the following manner:

  • Handle Bars must be turned in so that they are in alignment with the frame.
  • Pedals should either be removed/  checked-in to prevent them from causing damage to other bicycles or checked baggage
  • The gears should be wrapped to protect them from damage
  • Tyres must be deflated
  • Mudguards can either be removed or should be protected from damage.
  • Loose items e.g. pump, lights, water bottle and etc. must be securely fastened to the bicycle or removed and checked-in.

On top of that, bicycle also must be properly packed in a recognised bicycle bag or in a protective box or bag or in plastic wrap or otherwise, it will be refused for carriage. The packaging also should adhere to the general and standard dimensions.

Please note that any removed bicycle parts may be carried as cabin baggage if deemed fit by you, provided it meets the cabin baggage weight and dimensions.

2 Surfing Board

Must not weigh more than 32kg

Dimension should not exceed 227 cm

Must be packed in a recognized surfing board bags
3 Golf Sets

Must not weigh more than 32kg

Dimensiom : 121cm x 181cm x 121cm (L x W x H)

  • Kept in a golf bag.
  • Only contain a maximum of 14 golf sticks, a dozen golf balls, umbrellas and a pair of golf shoes.
  • Should be a general and standard size.
4 Diving Equipment

Must not weigh more than 32kg per bag.

  • Packed in a recognized kit bag
  • Can be packed together with;
  1. One scuba regulator,
  2. Tank harness,
  3. Tank pressure gauge, 
  4. Face mask, 
  5. A pair of fins,
  6. Dive suit/vest, 
  7. Buoyancy control device (BCD),
  8. Snorkel, 
  9. Weight belt and cylinder tank.
  10. Except oxygen cylinders cannot be allowed in the checked baggage and cabin of the aircraft
5 Other Sport Equipment